About Us

Covid-19 changed the world. I spent the last four and a half years working for a non-profit arts organization in Washington DC, until complications due to Covid took my job away. I took this opportunity to follow my dream of starting my own business. Making candles gave me peace during this troubling time, and I hope to share that peace with you.

Covid has taught us the importance of home and hearth and that is why I started Ursidae Candle Company. Candles have the power to transform  home or office spaces into a calm and happy place. Scent has the power to trigger memories and places.  

I have worked in the arts for 15 years and community has always been incredibly important to me. Artists and craftspeople color the landscape of their communities and make them unique and special. I hope that as Ursidae Candle Company continues to grow we/it can be part of the fabric that makes Washington DC such a special city.

me with candle.JPG